We have numerous oceanographic publications from Dr. Gast's library.  He bought his mentor's library, Dr. Thompson's (University Washington) when Dr. Thompson retired.  Contact me if you have any interest.

12 Celestaire Astra B Sextants $375 each.  These were bought for the celestial navigation class and most we never used.    Celestaire

Dr. Gast collected many nautical, oceanographic, and teaching items that he planned to use for the R/V Phuma research and teaching cruises.  We will be listing the items that are not directly part of the R/V Phuma on this page as time allows.  Contact us if you want to buy something.

Stainless steel water tank in good condition, clean inside.  Dimensions written on photos.  $125

582' of three stand twisted rope, 3/4".  New with some storage  discoloration.  $582